Thursday, June 23, 2011

Desertification in heart

It is estimated that 70 percent of the territory of Mongolia is under desertification. The researchers claim that the number would reach 90 percent soon in the recent years. These facts are, actually, grounds for the opening of Desertification in Arts exhibition, which is opened at Xanadu Art Gallery. Artists, including L.Enkhbat, N.Amarsaikhan, V.Undraa, D.Batzorig, Ts.Ariuntugs, T.Enkhbold and S.Zesee went to Sainshand town, Zuunbayan and Erdene soums as well as Burd dune in Dornogobi province, uniting their voices against desertification through performance art. The exhibition which involves videos and photos, would last until the 27th of this month. On the exhibition, artist, Ph.D Kh.Sodnomtseren said, “I imagined there will be huge dunes and sands over Dornogobi province when I first visited there 30 years ago. But it wasn’t. I was amazed by flowing waters and growing greens. Then I see the picturesque now, which I have imagined many years ago”. He continues, “It’s too bad. It is believed that the arts lead the society. I appreciate young artists fighting against desertification. A very good exhibition with good concept and expressions.” Most audiences seemed expressing congratulations to the artists during the exhibition launch. But they might express their sorrow when leaving and might feel sorry for the human future because you will see dried rivers, polluted lakes, perished animals, and thirsty people from the exhibition. However it is our hearts under desertification more than the land. No one cares about cutting tress and putting trashes in rivers. There are people who are so selfish as if only they are living. But what about our future generations? Where and how are they going to live? The real tragedy is this. That is what the exhbition tries to tell us.
V.Undraa “Dependence”
Contemporary people like to declare their independence and freedom. Of course, you can do watever you want, but don’t forget the consequences. If our life is a tree, its branches are your kids. The swaying of the tree shall affect the leaves and the branches as well. Now, can you say proudly that you are free and yet independent from anything?
S.Zesee “No other way than changing”
A woman in luxury dress and a high heel, walking in the desert, looks unsuitable. She walks through the ruins of buildings, desert and empty village. The artist explains, “Lately people started to use brand products and see the appearance of a person when they first meet. But the places, where you could show off your luxury, are getting smaller. We might dig out the land, earn some money and live in a luxurious life as we wish. But on the contrary, the earth and the nature is dying. So where are you going to wear that expensive clothes?”
D.Batzorig “Eco+UB=2011-23”
The smoke is what we know well. The Mongols, who were born in a ger with dung smoke now lives amidst of smoke produced by cars, factories and coal. The smoke, illustrated in these photos, expresses the fog in which we are lost. A thick fog of money, fame and wealth...
N.Amarsaikhan “Emptiness”
How many of us will be living in 100 years? How is the next generation going to recall today’s generation? Shall we leave dried rivers, cut woods and desert lands for them? The only remnants from dinosaurs which lived millions of years ago are some bones. Should we just leave our bones to them?


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